Your Enlightenment Guide

Jo Homar, founder of Sedona Juniper Trails Health & Healing, located in Sedona Arizona, will help you feel, hear, embrace and trust your inner wisdom.

The power that lives within you is a world of vibrant health & well-being.

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Teaching & Inspiring

My goal is to empower and inspire individuals throughout the world to take control of their lives, health and well-being and to have a key role in their own healing process.

I work with the understanding that there is an inherent intelligence that resides in every body. When this flow is interrupted through physical, emotional, chemical, and spiritual stress the body operates at less than optimal function; often resulting in pain or disease. My goal is to help you restore this inherent intelligence that resides within you.



Women’s Health

Spiritual Expansion

Soul Retrieval

Digestion Issues

Stress & Tension


Cellular Memory Clearing

Sleep Disorders



Advanced Readings & Healings


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